The latest release is version 2.4.3. All users are encouraged to upgrade to at least 2.4.2 as some major performance and security issues were solved in this release. Most of them only affect folks using the VelocityDisplayer. The major change for VelocityDisplayer users is that globalMacros.vm has now moved into the JAR itself. You no longer need to put it in your WEB-INF/classes directory. For permissions checking in a velocity template, you'll now need to use $displayer.isAllowed($menu) as explained in JIRA issue SM-58.

Download the latest Struts Menu Release

As of version 2.3, you can use Struts Menu outside of a Struts application. See the FAQ for more information. The latest release has been successfully implemented in AppFuse's Struts, Struts 2, Spring MVC, Tapestry and JSF versions.

You can download the struts-menu example app, and install it for yourself or view it on the demo server.

Struts Menu has been tested and certified with Java 5 and Java EE 5.

Project Status

Check out the project status page for more information.


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