Setting up the development environment

Getting the build process running for Struts Menu is remarkably easy, thanks to Maven. Here's what you need to do:

  • Check out module "navigator" from the CVS repository (anonymous). Further details are provided on SourceForge.
  • Download and install Maven.
  • Set up the necessary environment variables (JAVA_HOME, MAVEN_HOME), put the maven/bin directory in your PATH...
  • From the navigator root directory (where project.xml is), run "maven war" - this will download all sorts of dependecies and finally build struts-menu.war in the "target" subdirectory.
  • Copy/deploy navigator.war into your servlet container (eg. Tomcat). For your convenience, you can use "maven deploy" if you have Tomcat installed and the CATALINA_HOME environment variable defined.

Setting up Eclipse project

  • Start Eclipse
  • Under "Window"->"Open perspective"->"CVS Repository exploring"
  • In "CVS repositories" view:
  • Right click
  • Select "New" -> "Repository location"
  • set host to : ""
  • set repository path: "/cvsroot/struts-menu"
  • set user to: "anonymous"
  • Click finish
  • Navigate to HEAD -> navigator
  • Right click, and select "Check out as Project"
  • Drink a coke during the checkout (optional:-)
  • From a command prompt enter:

    "C:>cd ECLIPSE_PATH\workspace\navigator"

    "...\eclipse\workspace\navigator>maven eclipse:add-maven-repo"

    This will download all the dependencies, and set up maven_repo for eclipse

    "maven eclipse"

    This will create a .classpath file for your project. Refresh the project and you should be good to go. You can also create an IDEA project using "maven idea".
    Congratulation, you've got the fresh code of struts-menu as an Eclipse project !